We portray the average  Soldato in the Italian army during the great war. We have chosen to represent the 19th and 20th Infantry Regiments which were a part of the Brescia Brigade of the II Corps Army of Italy that was sent to the western front to help the allies with the German offensives of 1918. Arriving in April of 1918 the II corps held it's ground and helped defeat the Germans during their last offensive near Rheims France. 

   Through our attention to detail, our dedication to the preservation of history, and, our high authenticity standards. We hope to tell the story of the Italian Soldato in France and make it known their contributions to the defeat of the Germans in 1918.
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So come and join us in reliving the great war by participating in living history events, and battle reenactments. We are a new unit with members all over the united states and some in Canada. We are striving to make a presence on both the East and West coast.